Delivery is organized by the supplier, we ask our suppliers to dispatch items within 42-78 hours. Please reach out directly to the supplier for more information in regards to tracking and delivery times.


If you have paid for an item on pre-order, the supplier will reach out to directly for more information on timeframes and shipping costs.

Exchanges & Refunds

All Buyers should choose carefully before buying, as an order to purchase creates a contract between the Buyer and the Seller.

For faulty Products or Products that are the wrong size, Retail Sellers offer a fourteen (14) day replacement warranty from the date you receive your Product so long as you have not used or damaged them. If your Product can be replaced, it will be replaced with the same or a similar Product. If a Product cannot be replaced, you will be offered the option of a replacement Product of the same value, or of being provided with a refund for the total value of the Product.

Any faulty Product must be returned by you to the Retail Seller from which it was purchased, and proof of this purchase must also be presented. Replacements for faulty Products will be sent to you at no charge within five (5) Business Days from the date the faulty Product is returned.

When returning a faulty Product to the Retail Seller, please make sure you also provide us the following details:

• Your full name
• Your address
• Your order number
• The date of delivery (or collection) of the Product
• The address of the Seller’s store
• Reason why you are returning the Product
• Your instructions informing us how you would like the issue resolved
• Contact phone number
• The original order confirmation or invoice you received with your Product.

If you return a Product that is the wrong size and we determine that it has been used since its purchase, no exchange or return will be granted.

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